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Alleviating Anxiety through Awareness and Vulnerability: Meet Monica Crnogorac

Teens today are under more pressure than ever before. Between the pressure to fit in, perform well academically, understand their identities, and manage familial conflicts, each of these realities are dependent on the individual and range in their severity.

Host Jason Hopcus invited Monica Crnogorac, Academic and Executive Skills Life Coach for Study Spot Educational Services, as a guest on the podcast for a powerful discussion on anxiety and its impact on youth.

Monica’s personal experience with anxiety began as early as middle school, where she was bullied at a young age. This, coupled with frequent visits to a doctor that helped uncover the reason behind her anxiousness, became the driving force behind her career today. As a life coach, she supports youth and young adults with managing the stressors of everyday life and encourages them to build skills and utilize resources designed to serve them at various points throughout their journeys.

During the conversation, Monica shared critical data tied to teens and feelings of hopelessness, and how trends like these are only getting worse. Monica also spoke to Jason about setting realistic and achievable goals to build confidence when it comes to tackling anxiety-ridden moments as they arise, and the importance of celebrating every step toward self-empowerment – no matter how small.

Further, Monica reiterated the value of vulnerability, and how our stories can contribute to a greater purpose when it comes to mental health awareness. She reminds teens and young adults everywhere that our mental health struggles are only one part of our journeys, and sharing these ‘chapters’ of our lives cultivates a level of authenticity that builds lasting resilience.

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