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Culturally Competent Mental Health Care for Youth in BIPOC Communities

Nobody’s Perfect Podcast host Jason Hopcus recently sat down with Executive Director for the Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC), Dr. Shakari Hood, for an informative conversation about mental health’s impact on Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC).

Dr. Hood broke down how specific racial and ethnic groups who are considered BIPOC might prefer to be identified, in addition to how the current mental health professional shortage is even more troubling for BIPOC communities. She goes on to share that many BIPOC individuals seeking mental health support are looking for trained clinicians who look like them or who share their lived experience(s), which can often be very challenging.

Dr. Hood also spoke to how mental health can place Black youth athletes at a disadvantage, especially when aspects of their identity are misaligned. Through its programming and research, the Colorado Black Health Collaborative seeks to understand and strengthen where those gaps lie when it comes to their physical health, mental health, and academic success. CBHC also examines the influential role parents and caregivers can play in how to serve youth when it comes to their overall wellness and success.

Dr. Hood, who carries years of experience as a nonprofit and healthcare professional, further explained how critical introducing mental health education is to youth as early as possible. She emphasized how preventative measures can help Black youth cultivate a framework for coping mechanisms in moments where they might face mental health challenges, leading to self-empowerment.

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