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Providing More Youth with Employment and Independence: Meet Dr. Tiffany Cron

Finding meaningful employment that aligns with your talents and interests can be challenging for young people entering the workforce. But for youth with disabilities, the barriers to gaining the skills, confidence and opportunities to be successful can seem insurmountable.

That’s why innovative programs like the one developed by Colorado’s Office of Employment are so vital. Their online employment training curriculum designed specifically for youth with disabilities is transforming mindsets and unlocking potential.

Dr. Tiffany Cron, Director of the Colorado Office of Employment First, joined us on the Nobody’s Perfect Podcast to provide us with an inside look at this groundbreaking training program. Dr. Cron explained Colorado Office of Employment First’s mission is to make Colorado an “employment first” state by providing customized education, collaborating with partners, and innovating systems.

Their online curriculum covers six critical topic areas identified by youth and families themselves as most important to employment success. This includes modules on developing job skills, understanding government benefits, requesting workplace accommodations, and building self-advocacy abilities. The course is delivered through engaging videos, activities, and quizzes, and can be taken anytime on demand to accommodate life’s complexities.

Early results demonstrate the training is working. Both youth and parents shared it has empowered them to see employment as an achievable option. It equips them with knowledge to navigate careers based on passions, not assumptions or limits.

But training is just the first step. Dr. Cron emphasized the need for real-world work experiences. This allows youth to build independence and self-advocacy skills critical to thriving in the workplace.

That’s why it’s so important for families to have open conversations to guide their child in discovering their interests, gifts, and goals. Youth need opportunities to try different career paths aligned with their strengths and capabilities. When given the proper training and experiences tailored to their needs, youth with disabilities can gain the confidence and ability to obtain meaningful employment and achieve their full potential.

Programs like the Colorado Office of Employment First’s curriculum demonstrate the transformative power of investing in customized education and early work experiences. Unlocking potential starts with changing mindsets. This innovative training opens doors and possibilities for the next generation of youth with disabilities.

Dr. Cron talks about this and more on her full-length episode with host Jason Hopcus, here, and be sure to follow Nobody’s Perfect on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

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